Sarah VanDeBogert’s parents looked at their child and wondered if they should clip her wings.

Some thought they should.

“She might be weird,” some said.

“She IS weird,” said others.

“You should really make her put half of those books back,” the librarian said.

But other voices chimed in to say that, maybe, weird wasn’t so bad.

Her parents decided not to clip her wings. They put the clipper in the trash and backed up their nutty kid. Hence the reason she’s willing to try and never does anything half-butted. She always puts her whole butt in and shakes it all about.

She put her whole butt down in front of a computer and decided to create a world. She fell in love with the people in it, and decided she’d never stop writing.

If you’re into that kind of thing, classify her as Gryffindor and ENFP, and then permit for edits to said labels as you get to know her.

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